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In this post I will talk about rolex day date watch. If you are interested in this review, stay.
The Rolex Day Date is one of the most famous Rolex watches out there.What makes this watch unique is its simplicity and elegant style, but also the fact that it has such a great visual impact.Here we have a very good replica of the watch with just a few imperfections unrecognizable to the untrained eye. At first glance there is absolutely no difference between the replica and the original watch. This brings a beautiful elegant touch to the design making the watch stand out even more because it catches the light in a very interesting way.

The face of the watch comes with a beautiful blue dial that has elegant precious stones hour markings that look exactly like the original.It is quite obvious that this watch was crafted at a level of high detail because if we look closer we can see certain elements that indicate to that: the font used for the date, the logo it features on the crown and on the bracelet, and its finish. The bracelet and the back of the watch also have the same smooth look that we can see on a genuine replica watch. All these details make this watch completely undistinguishable as a replica, not to mention the fact that all the markings and writings on it are extremely accurate. The only thing that would give this watch away would be the slight darker tint of blue it has, but that depends on the light too, so other than that, there’s nothing that would set this replica apart from an original Rolex Daydate.

On it you can view all models.What do you think about this watch?

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  1. Super post! Satovi su predivni, jako mi se sviđaju <3
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  2. Divan sat,jako mi se dopada.Prava elegancija:)
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