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In today's post we will talk about the holiday that will soon come to us - Halloween. On this site you can find great costumes for the Halloween , you can see everything by clicking on *THIS* link. 

Rosegal Halloween! $100 gift cards awaits! No tricks, all treats! CLICK HERE!

RoseGal was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. Specifically, it is the intimate fusion of endless possibilities that vintage and modern apparel has to offer.This contrasts with the transformative, evolving nature of modern styles that capture the essence of urban energy and edgy lifescapes. By seamlessly offering both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories. Inspired by the natural charm and appeal of the vast spectrum of fashionable clothing. 

Look at my selection of costumes... ⇨

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Miljana. ☺


Apparel Candy | Online shopping

Hello, lovely readers! 
In today's post I will share with you a very interesting site that I recently discovered, it's a website Apparel Candy.  ApparelCandy.com is the place to find it all! You will find the ultimate wholesale clothing and hottest trends in fashion rock bottom wholesale prices and unsurpassed quality guaranteed , everyday all year! 
The selection of wholesale sunglasses is enormous. Inventory ranges from the ordinary day to day fashion sunglasses, to classics, polarized, vintage, aviator, driving sunglasses to sunglass accessories. They cater to men, women, teens and even children.Mostly the products are available in bundles of two, three or four items that allow re-sellers to get products in bulk.
 Their store is one of the largest online wholesalers of cosmetics from nail polish, make-up, eye-shadow, lipstick, to nail polish removers and eye curlers, wholesale perfumes and colognes. 

Not only the prices at Apparel Candy are incredibly low, there are many sales and discount codes to use while shopping through which you can get your desired products, even more, cheaper. Every new customer gets 15% off their first order. They  ships worldwide to many countries and the shipping charges are very affordable. Not only that, they also provide free shipping above 300$. You receive your order within 2-4 weeks at your doorstep and the shipping time is very reasonable..

I've read more review posts and I can tell you that customers are very satisfied, so far I have not read a bad review about their site.Also, people who work there are very kind and if you have some questions feel free to contact them for help.

On this site you can find 'best vintage wholesale sunglasses' and 'discount wholesale fragrances'. I'll show you the models that I liked most. What do you think of them?

Great site to shop online!



Yesbabyonline | Online shop

Hello everyone! 
In today's post we'll talk about the online site - Yesbabyonline.  Yesbabyonline is a China-based global online Wedding dress & dress factory since 2012. The mission of YesBabyonline is to provide you with the hottest wedding dresses and formal dresses at hot price. There a quick and easy online purchasing process in adition to offering all of their clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team. And you can find thousand of dresses offered at incredible wholesale prices. 
I like the most prom dresses 2018 and formal dresses. I picked up some dresses, I hope you like it. See the photos below. 

They offer coupon code: sale10   to get extra $10 off for the readers who want to buy .


ZAFUL Launches Free Three-Day Shipping On Every Item!

We now grandly promotes you the new free shipping event. Every product that could be found on ZAFUL using the standard shipping method will now cost no shipping fee for three days. The new offer is available starting at 26th 2PM ~29th 2PM (GMT+8).

Excellent combination with Bundle sale & Free shipping

A bundle sale is available during this event. Buy two items to get extra $4 off, buy three and get extra $8 off. Get huge discount with no coupon needed.

No matter what you’re looking for; No matter how low the price is; Everything will be a lot more worth to buy during this free three-day shipping event. We are looking forward to enhance our customer experience and accelerate growth by this move.

Zaful helps people around the world to save money and dress better. Hope you enjoy shopping in ZAFUL.com

1.Free shipping is only for standard shipping . Express shipping will cost shipping fee.
2.The bundle sale discount is only for items included in the bundle-sale promote page.


Secret charming selections

Want your boyfriends spend a little more time hanging out with you? Want to be more attractive like the brightest star shinning upon the darkness?

 A little peek in here and you might find something that inspires you. Several adorable outfit selections presented by our LOOKBOOK models.

Don’t even worry about pair up, we already done it for you. It’s time to catch someone’s eye across the crowd.


Vintage shoes | FSJ Shoes - online shop

Hello everyone! 

In today's post we will talk about shoes from the site 'FSJ Shoes'. This site deals with the sale of  hand-made shoes for any occasion.  My favorite part of this site is Vintage Shoes
I picked out five models, so let's look at it ⇰

Women's Nude Knee-high Lace-up Suede Flat Gladiator Sandals

Women's Black Suede Platform Ankle Straps Heels Chunky Vintage Heels Pumps

New specials for the fall season

Don’t you think the weather is turning a little bit cold? Your summer clothes couldn’t maintain body temperature anymore. That is to say, It’s time to prepare your new outfit for Autumn/Winter.

Talking about looking good in the fall season. What could be better than a sweatshirt/sweater? We prepared and proudly represent you the 2017 fall season collection! No matter you’re a lover of cardigan styled , tunics or lace-up sweaters. We have them all included. Here are some of the most recommends.

This Boat neck loose sweater deserve to be one of the must-have item.Comfortable and easy to match with different outfit. Perfect for outdoors activities. 

Boat Neck Lace Up Sweater which suits in any situation.We have other colors for option too! Check it out.

A spice Zipper Sleeve Choker Sweater with best quality and unique fashion design. Simple but attractive!

“Where did you get that sweater?”

”I would also like a sweatshirt!”.

Does this sounds quiet familiar? Here’s you great opportunity to feel warm and look cool at the same time, click on the link below to add these finest and cheap rates collections into your wardrobe. The cold season is approaching, better hurry!



Hello everyone!

In today's post we will talk about YOINS website.
Yoins.com is the online home of Yoins, an online retailer of women’s fashions and accessories that says their goal is to help people find their own unique fashion style by using fashion based inspiration.

 Yoins is a Chinese e-commerce of fast-fashion goods.
They sell a lot of really beautiful high quality clothes, bags, shoes, accessories...Best thing about them is they have a really great prices and they ship worldwide.
 They have very fast and free delivery. I really love this site, this site is one of my favorites. People who work there are very kind and they are there to help you whenever you need help.

Their brand name comes from the word  "inspiration" (YOUur  INSpiration- YOINS). They want to be your inspiration for creating new looks to stand out from the crowd and to start expressing your real personality and style. For this purpose they collected for you the best looks from the catwalks and from the streets to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and make it available for everybody at an affordable prices.
I like the most 'fashion sexy tops for women' and beautiful  'stylish ladies co ord outfits'. I decided to share my favorite pieces with you. Look at them below ⇩

1 / 2 / 3 

1 / 2 / 3 

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Yoins Instagram
 Yoins Facebook page

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The most beautiful sweatshirts | SheIn

Cao svima! 
 Blizi se oktobar i sa njim hladniji dani, zato cu vam u danasnjem postu predloziti par prelepih dukseva sa mog omiljenog sajta - SheIn. Ja obozavam da nosim dukseve, posebno one 'oversize'
Nadam se da ce vam se moj izbor dopasti, obavezno mi ostavite komentar. 

Pretpostavljam da svi znate ovaj sajt, tako da necu mnogo pricati o njemu. Sve u svemu, sajt je vrhunski, do sada se nisam razocarala u kvalitet odece tako da mogu da potvrdim da je odeca jako kvalitetna. Takodje su na sajtu cesto veliki popusti. 
Ako porucujete iz Srbije, paket stize u roku od 15-20 dana, retko kada cete cekati vise. Ako vas jos nesto zanima u vezi ovog sajta mozete pitati u komentarima, ali mislim da ovo vecinu zanima. 

Posetite sajt:  https://goo.gl/22PTmC



Find the perfect dress for you | JJ'sHouse

Hello everyone!
In today's post I will talk about the site I recently discovered - JJsHouse. On this site you can find dresses for all occasions; formal dress, formal gown, special occasion dress, evening dress, cocktail dress...
I've read a few reviews on google about their site and dresses, all customers are very satisfied. Also on this site you have beautiful prom dresses, so if you do not find in your city, on this site you will surely find the perfect dress for you. I also have to praise the people who work there, they are very kind and they are there to help you whenever you want. 

I picked out some dresses, I hope you'll like it

buy HERE

 buy HERE

buy HERE

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Zdravo svima! 
U danasnjem postu cu vam pokazati svoju listu zelja sa jednog od mojih omiljenih sajtova - Zaful. Nazalost, sezona kratkih majica i sortseva je prosla, pa se na mojoj listi nasle neke stvarcice prikladne za skolske dane. Na ovom sajtu takodje mozete pronaci predivne dzempere za hladnije dane ( v neck cable knit sweater, pogledajte ih ovde:  http://www.zaful.com/s/v-neck-cable-knit-sweater/?lkid=130660

Nadam se da ce vam se svideti moja lista, obavezno mi ostavite komentar! 


Za vas imam jedan kupon koji mozete iskoristiti ako odlucite da porucite nesto sa ovog sajta. 

Code: ZFEN

*kliknite na ovaj bamer*

Sta vam se najvise dopada sa moje liste? 

Miljana. ☺


Back to school outfit | Shein wishlist

Ne mogu da verujem kako je brzo prosao ovaj letnji raspust, kao da je juce poceo. Da li i vama vreme ovako brzo leti? 
Obzirom da skola pocinje za par dana odlucila sam da sa vama podelim jedan prekul outfit za skolu. Kombinaciju sam sama osmislila, ovo je nesto sto bih ja nosila u skolu, nadam se da ce se i vama svideti.  Sve stvarcica koje mozete videti u ovom outfitu su sa mog omiljenog sajta - SheIn. Sa SheInom radim dve godine i sve sto mi je do sada stiglo je jako kvalitetno i dan danas to nosim. 

Outfit se sastoji od sledecih stvarcica; 
- sivog neobicnog duksa:  https://goo.gl/Et3sCQ
- obicnih farmerki: https://goo.gl/6CFYTc
- belih sportskih patika: https://goo.gl/Z8cwKG
- belog klasicnog ranca; https://goo.gl/RqaaPC

Nadam se da vam se dopada. Obavezno mi ostavite komentar. :) 

Contact me: 



HUGE HAUL and REVIEW | SheIn, Rosegal, Zaful, Newchic

Zdravo svima!
Nakon duzeg vremena konacno jedan haul. Moram da priznam da su mi ovakvi postovi bas falili, jer obozavam da ih pisem, a jos vise da ih citam! Donosim vam jedan ogroman haul, dosta toga mi je stiglo i nikako da stignem sve to da slikam.  U ovom haul postu cete videti svasta nesto, bice ovo bas dugacak post tako da necu da duzim. Let's get started.... 

Sa SheIna imam samo jednu stvarcicu, a to je ovaj predivan kupaci kostim. Meni je on stigao, verovali ili ne, kad sam se vratila s' mora. Bas mi je bilo zao zato sto je stvarno predivan, jos lepsi je i lepse stoje uzivo. Ja nisam bas najbolje vezala ovo oko stomaka, ali mozete vezati kako god pozelite. Jedva cekam sledecu godinu da ovaj kupaci kostim iznosim. ☺ 

Porucite ili vise pogledajte ⇨ https://goo.gl/DCMcz7

Na fotografiji nisam ja

Sa Rosegala sam porucila vise stvarcica. Porucila sam dva rompera, jednu haljinu, trenerku i ogrlicu (koju sam izgubila i nisam mogla da je pronadjem). Na fotografiji mozete videti kako izgleda prvi romper, on je za moju sestru.  Romper je odlican za svaki dan, neku setnju ili slicno. Kvalitetom sam takodje jako zadovoljna. 

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/B8z6mF

Sledeci romper sam porucila za sebe. Za sve ove stvarcice bukvalno vise nije sezona, ali paketi su stvarno dosta kasnili. Ovaj kombinezon se bas rasteze, tako da ce mi sigurno biti tacan sledece godine. Kvalitet je vrhunski, nisam ocekivala da ce biti ovako dobar. Odlican je za svaki dan, setnju i druge prilike. 

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/ZNf4E6

U ovom haulu ima za svakog po nesto, ova haljina je za moju mamu. Odlucila sam i njoj da porucim nesto jer ja stvarno nisam znala sta vise da narucim. Ova haljina je bas onako lagana, odlicna za neke toplije dane. Nazalost, i ona je dosta kasno stigla tako da nije mogla puno da je nosi.

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/AcVppb

Jedna od mojih omiljenih stvarcica u ovom haulu jeste ova trenerka. Ja sam odusevljena! Pored toga sto je prelepa, materijal je vrhunski. Za sve stvarcice kazem da su kvalitetne, ali, zaista je tako, rosegal ima veoma kvalitetnu odecu! 

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/jwFVpC

Sa Rosegala sam porucila i jednu ogrlicu, medjutim, izgubila sam je i ne mogu da je pronadjem. Bravo za mene! Ukoliko je slucajno pronadjem ubacicu vam fotografije. 

Btw. Na Rosegalu mozete pronaci odlicne ranceve za skolu, ako niste do sada kupili skoslu torbu mislim da je ovo odlicna prilika za vas. Mozete sve pogledati klikom na *OVAJ* link. 

Sa Zafula sam porucila ovu prekul majicu. Ja sam zaljubljena u ovu majicu, stvarno je predivna i nije nesto sto moze lako da se pronadje ovde kod nas, bar ja nisam vidjala ovakve majice.  Dosta se rasteze i kvalitet mi se svidja, moze bolje ali ni ovo nije lose. Ne znam sta bih vam jos mogla reci, slike govore dosta toga. 

Pogledajte/porucite: https://goo.gl/WwNnnz

Zatim imam i jednu letnju haljinu koja mi je takodje stigla posle mora, tako da nista do sledece godine! 
Pogledajte/porucite: https://goo.gl/o6cmvg

Porucila sam i jedan "beauty blender". Ovu stvar sam mnogo vidjala na instagramu kod nekih profesionalnih sminkera i odlucila sam da je isprobam, ovo je zapravo nesto slicno onom sundjerastom beauty blenderu tj. ista im je namena. Jos uvek nisam isprobala zato sto mi se na ovoj vrucini stvarno ne stavlja puder ili bilo sta slicno, kad isprobam verovatno cu vam napisati svoje misljenje. 

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/NxNrMW

Uf, jos da vam pokazem sta sam to porucila sa Newchic-a. U pitanju je ovaj srebrni ranac koji sam mislila da nosim u skolu. Ja sam na sajtu izmerila dimenzije i meni je sve to super odgovaralo, medjutim, kada je ranac stigao nisam mogla ni cetku unutra da ubacim. Uostalom, kvalitet mi se dopada kao i sam ranac, jedino mi velicina ne odgovara. 

P.S. Mislim da se ovaj ranac rasprodao, imate dosta slicnih modela ovde: https://goo.gl/xJVmyb

I konacnooo poslednji proizvod (tri sata kasnije hah).... 
Kao sto vidite u pitanju je mat sjaj za usta. Do sada sam ga mozda koristila dva puta i meni se svidja. Ne lepi se i ne skida se uopste lako, sto je meni najvaznije kod sjajeva.  

Porucite/pogledajte: https://goo.gl/MgZTNo


To je to od ovog posta. Nadam se da vam se dopadaju stvarcice koje sam ja porucila sa ovih sajtova. 
Obavezno mi ostavite neki komentar, da procitam vasa misljenja! ☺ 

Business email: miljanabusiness3@gmail.com | isidoradimitrijevic77@gmail.com

Miljana. ☺