Zaful Bikini fashion trends

In today's post, I will show you a couple of bikinis
Zaful is definitley on of my fave  online shopping destination because their offer is always fallowing the latest trends, and the prices are more than affordable. So if you visit their site you can find a lot of designes are made in good materials and high quality which is number one thing when you buying online.

I picked out these three bikinis: 

if you buy 25$, they just need pay 22$,if they buy 50$, they just need pay 45$

What is your favorite? 



The perfect summer outfits | Zaful

SRB: Pozdrav svima! 
Nakon duzeg vremena danas cu vam predstaviti dva outfita koja su savrsena za letnji period. 
Obozavam leto iz razloga sto je tada raspust i zbog kratkih majica, sortseva i slicno. Skoro sve stvarcice koje cete videti u danasnjem postu su sa sajta Zaful. Zaful je, pored SheIna, moj omiljeni online sajt za odecu, obucu, torbe, nakit i slicno. Jedino sto vam ne bih preporucila na ovom sajtu jeste sminka. 
Nesto sto najvise volim da porucujem jesu jakne i crop top i obicne majice. Bukvalno mi toga nikad nije dosta. 

ENG: Regards to all!
After a while, I will present you two outfits that are perfect for the summer season.
I love the summer for the reason that it is then a break and because of short shirts, sorts and so on. Almost all the things you will see in today's post are from the Zaful website. Zaful is, besides SheIna, my favorite online site for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry... The only thing I would not recommend to you on this site is makeup. 

SRB:Ovog puta sam porucila jednu obicnu belu majicu koju zapravo nisam ni planirala da porucim, ali je cena bila bas pristupacna pa sam uzela za ostatak novca. Verujte mi da bih se pokajala da je nisam narucila zato sto je, pre svega, materijal savrsen, druga stvar, majica predivno izgleda kada se obuce. Meni je malo velika, mozda tako i treba da bude, mada sam ja navikla na uske majice i onda sam je zavezala, videcete na fotografijama. Uz to sam obukla sorts koji sam porucila jos prosle godine sa istog sajta koliko se secam. Takodje naocare su sa istog sajta i patike all star. 

ENG: This time I ordered an ordinary white T-shirt I actually did not even plan to give, but the price was very affordable so I took it for the rest of the money. Believe me, I would regret that I did not order it, because, first and foremost, the material is perfect, the other thing, the shirt looks beautiful when it is being dressed. It's a bit big to me, maybe it should be, although I'm used to tight shirts and then I've bound it, you will see it in photos. In addition, I have dressed sorts that I had posted last year from the same site as I remember. Also the glasses are from the same site and all star shoes.

Sledeca stvar koju sam narucila jeste crni crop top koji je zapravo dosao sa crno belim sortsem u kompletu, ali mi se iskreno nije svideo. Verovatno cu vam pokazati u nekom narednom postu sa ostalim stvarcicama, jer me je stvarno mrzilo sve da slikam. 
Uz to sam obukla pocepane farmerke i patike koje su iz zare. Takodje nosim jaknu koju sam porucila pre par meseci, nisam sigurna da li je sa sheina ili zafula, ali na oba sajta mozete naci istu ili slicnu jaknu. 

The next thing I ordered was a black crop top that actually came with a black and white sorts in the set, but I did not really like it. I'll probably show you in some other post with other things
In addition, I wore tugged jeans and sneakers. Also, I wear a jacket that I've been sending a few months ago, I'm not sure if she is from shein or zaful, but on both sites you can find the same or similar jacket.


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- The Graco Pack ‘n Play Reversible Napper and Changer is a multi-tasker whose functions grow with your child. This model includes a napper (a cozy bassinet elevated above the playpen structure) that when flipped over becomes a wipe-clean changing station.

If you want a pack and play that is easy to set up and break down, the 4moms breeze is exactly what you need. Just push down on the center and the four legs spread and pop out. Once it comes time to put it away, pull up on the center and everything folds back into place to pack back into a travel bag.

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You won’t get muscle fatigue carting around this super-practical yard that can be opened with one sweeping movement. One more great thing is that the materials are easily removable and washable – just unzip the top to remove and wash it

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Wishlist | Zaful

In today's post, I will show you my wish list from the Zaful website.
Zaful is definitley on of my fave  online shopping destination because their offer is always fallowing the latest trends, and the prices are more than affordable. So if you visit their site you can find a lot of designes are made in good materials and high quality which is number one thing when you buying online.

Look at my wishlist... ⇨



Wishlist | Zaful

Hey guys!
In today's post I'd like to inform you about Zaful. It's online store for fashion lovers and I really like this store cause they have a large assortiment of trendienst items in clothing and you can find clothest by latest trends for less. For today I will put some items that grabbed my attention the most while I browsing their site. There's little bit of everything, clothes, shoes, accessories..

Zaful is definitley on of my fave  online shopping destination because their offer is always fallowing the latest trends, and the prices are more than affordable. So if you visit their site you can find a lot of designes are made in good materials and high quality which is number one thing when you buying online.
Whatever you prefer long or short, simple or colorful, to follow your figure or oversized ones they have all these styles covered. You don't need to spent a lot of money to create fashionable look for this season, because their items come at more then affordable prices     

Find perfect swimwear for the summer - bikini promotion
Here are some item that I like the most from their assortiment. 




In today's post we will talk about TedHair wigs
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They supply top quality hair products at the best price with extraordinary customer service and provide turn-key business solutions to beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. Ted Hair wholesale hair extensions are distributed to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, beauty or hair salons, online stores and hair stylists around the world. Ted Hair supply virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, colored remy hair and more. It is the best virgin hair wholesale.

Also I love Brazilian hair 
There are three main types of Brazilian virgin hair: straight, wavy and curly.  The wavy type itself comes in many forms: body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, ocean wave etc. and curly comes in deep curly, kinky curly etc. Straight hair is just straight, but it still looks wonderful, right? 
TedHair Brazilian hair, as I said above is not artificially colored so you can perm, color, bleach, ombre and style it with heated tools as you like. Brazilian hair is natural and unprocessed so it offers an amazing durability and can easily be reused. Brazilian hair extensions are ideal for girls to change their appearance in short time

What I love about TedHair is that they have so many options that we can choose. You can basically pick any hairstyle you would want to try. From different style, cut, and length. To black, brown, blonde and more. You can be anyone you want anytime! you can easily copy your favorite celebrity’s hairdo in an instant. No hassle, just a one-time installment and you are good to go for the next few weeks or months. You’ll be waking up with instantly good hair!

Check out TedHair’s offer and pick perfect extensions for yourself. They have clip in hair extensions, tape-in, micro loop, pre-bonded hair, and colored Remy weave. Clip in hair extensions are most popular among all types of hair extensions and really easy to use. They look natural with your own hair and are a nice way to add some length or volume

I hope you like this review post!

BestHairBuy wigs

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
Today I will talk about site which sells best hair wigs - BestHairBuy
BestHairBuy is a leading wholesale online hair exntensions, vigin hair & wigs shop of your first choice for top grade- quality products at rock-buttom prices. 

I was never into wigs myself but I think if other women are into it, they should be careful where they are buying their wigs and are they quality and natural-looking. 
The texture of this Lace front Synthetic Hair Wig Straight is usually soft, high- quality, with less shedding. This human hair does not have to tangle. Because of its natural hairline, this impressive Lace Front Wigs appears more natural, and people can never differentiate it with your natural hair. 
Here are some examples of 'BestHairBuy body wave' and 'BestHairBuy natural Wave' you can find on this site, for more, be sure to check them out!

A very positive thing about this site is that the order comes very fast so you will not have to wait long on your dream hair. Visit this site and I am sure you will find something right here for your taste. 

Another amazing thing is that you have an ability to step-by-step put your wig on by following their instructions on products pages. The system of putting a wig on seemed to be pretty complicated to me before but when I found this shop and saw their instructions followed by photos, it looked pretty easy. Wearing wigs can get you various kinds of styles and help you increase your fashion sense. 

Having a bad hair day? The African American glueless hair wig is the instant solution. These wigs are made with high-quality human hair, which is indistinguishable in appearance, and they can be worn without any glue or adhesive to hold them in place. It is pretty much easier to put one, and you can color, cut or straighten the wig if you want. Depending on your hair texture preference, you can choose amongst the different hair textures available, i.e., straight, curly, body wavy and kinky curly. The color looks real on the wigs, and you can get to choose one that goes well with your skin color. Colors available include natural black, darkest brown, sandy blonde, rich copper red, strawberry blonde, chocolate brown and platinum blonde


BBBGEM | engagment rings for sale

Once you have some parameters set with budget and approach, it��s time to discuss style. Ring styles vary from sleek, simple minimalist designs to crazy jewellery that can make Kim Kardashian blush. Generally, though, you will find roughly five different overall styles in relation to engagement rings for sale.
Solitaire-A solitaire is probably the most frequent solitaire moissanite engagement rings. It features one stunning stone-frequently a gem-set along a thin band. It's typically what folks consider after they make a gemstone ring.

Side-Stone?The medial side-stone design uses jewel embellishments to enhance simply how much sparkle a gemstone ring has. The appearance incorporates small accent gemstones along with two bigger gemstones to border the main stone and convey out its color.
Halo?Just a little circle of colored gemstones surround a great gem creating a halo effect. This design is especially impressive if the incorporates colors and gemstones with bold colors for instance emeralds and diamonds.
Three-Stone?-?Can��t determine which jewel you have to display most conspicuously? Split the primary difference by three gemstones in to a design that employs their individual beauty to create something amazing.
Eternity?Eternity rings work with an unbroken kind of dazzling gemstones to make a ring that's stunning from literally every position. Typically utilized as anniversary bands, this style is getting a revival among couples.
Selecting Your Gemstones
Diamonds may be the most frequent gemstones useful for february birthstone rings, but they��re definitely not your primary choice. Really, there's a number of gemstones with impressive refractive characteristics?-?essentially an costly approach to saying they��re much like dazzling as with every gem.

Brazilian hair - real hair extensions | SheIn Hair

Many would like to change something regarding their hair, and the good thing is that extensions may be used to accomplish many goals. Whether the ideal would be to have longer hair, larger hair, curly hair or anything else, the best extensions can assist you to achieve your objectives with beautiful results.
There are lots of kinds of extensions that you could purchase, but individuals who demand high quality within their extensions overwhelmingly decide to buy Brazilian extensions. With a closer inspection at what this kind of extensions provides, you might choose that this is exactly what you need to purchase.

There are lots of kinds of Brazilian hair that you can buy, including straight hair, loose hair having a natural wave, or perhaps tight curls. Using the unique genetic make-from Brazilians, along with their typical diet, the resulting hair are shiny, healthy and vibrant. When to consider virgin Brazilian hair, you've got the greatest-quality hair possible. Virgin hair are untreated and unprocessed, which is an excellent kind of hair to buy.
Apart from searching for virgin hair when choosing Brazilian curly, straight or wavy extensions, you could also want to check out the closure type, along with the existence of cuticles. A lace closure causes it to be simpler for the stylist to provide you with an all natural result using the weave. An item with cuticles intact (Remy hair) will normally be sure that the hair all lay within the same direction. Additionally to those factors, you need to pick the ideal color and length for your requirements.
If you've been looking to acquire real hair extensions and have an interest in the choices, or you are prepared to buy today, you should realize that not every weaves and extensions are identical. The caliber of hair, in addition to how good the merchandise is put together, could vary. Color, length and sheen will also be important when choosing your products. Take particular notice at online stores, like Her Hair Company, and discover what extensions are available on the market. You?��ll have the ability to easily choose a high-quality product by concentrating on the above mentioned pointed out points.


Zaful sale | Valentines sale 2018

Hello everyone. 
Have you done all the shopping related to ongoing holidays? 
You might have thought that the shopping is done, but Valentines day is knocking at the door and Zaful 
has prepared some really interesting offers for you! If you haven’t shopped on their website before, now is 
right time! During this valentines sale 2018,  there are some great offers when it comes to
choosing you zaful valentines sale 2018. They offer a variety of items which will make you enjoy shopping. 
your gifts for Valentine’s day. You have so many choices - from women’s and men’s clothing to home decor. 

For sunny lovers

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

For sweet lovers

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

For sexy lovers

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

For beloved him

1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Best regards,



Gamiss valentines day sale

Good day babes! February is almost here and what does it mean?  14TH is Valentine’s Day!!! Yessss! 
I really love all Valentine decoration in shops and every place, restaurants and pubs, also turn extremely
beautiful. One of the most asked questions for this special date is what are you going to wear.  In today's post we will talk about what you can give your beloved for Valentine's Day and what yiu cab wear on that day. 

My favorite things you can give to someone: 

Beautiful dresses that you can wear: 



Have you done all the shopping related to ongoing holidays? 
You might have thought that the shopping is done, but Valentines day is knocking at the door and Zaful 
has prepared some really interesting offers for you! 
That 14th of February is getting closer and you might want to think in advance what would you like to buy for
your Valentine or eventually to treat yourself! During this Zaful Valentine’s Day  Promotion,  there are some 
great offers when it comes to choosing you Zaful valentines day sale 2018.  If you haven’t shopped on our
website before, now is the right time! We offer a variety of items which will make you enjoy shopping 
your gifts for Valentine’s day. You have so many choices - from women’s and men’s clothing to home decor. 
Be sure that Zaful is offering the best Valentine’s Day gift you will ever find! Finding the right gift has neve
been easier, it is only few clicks away from you! You thought that’s it? But, wait! Some discounts are waiting
for you! You have the opportunity to get 10% off by using coupon ZafullChen! And there will be more
discounts on our website just waiting for you to grab them! Go ahead and see for yourself what has Zaful 
prepared for you because you definitely won’t be disappointed. Zaful team wishes you happy Valentine’s
day and pleasant shopping !